SPARKLE BABY IS HERE!! Our sweetest collection yet, available in a palette or individual compacts atΒ! Photo: Rick Craft, MUA: Queen of Blending, Hair: Amelia Dinmore, Wardrobe: Nina Kate for Jane Doe Latex, Model: Michelle Lynette.

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While you’re on our site getting your Sparkle Baby palette, don’t forget to pick up our limited edition shade, Lucid! Lucid is a shimmering mint shade with subtle violet highlights and twinkling flecks of gold. $12 gets you 5 grams of magical fun!

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Getting ready to launch Sparkle Baby! Sorry for the lack of updates - we’ve been up all night preparing the site and making some last minute edits. We didn’t want to give you guys time until we knew for certain, but right now it’s looking like 3pm PST! πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰ If you’re an international customer and this is bed time for you, DON’T WORRY! Sparkle Baby is a permanent collection, there is enough for everybody, and we will not sell out. Thank you so much for your patience! We are suuuuper excited!

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Look how pretty Alyssa Marie looks wearing Sugarpill Supercharged pigment! The prettiest creamsicle orange with sparkles.

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Sugarpill team misses Australia! :-( Is it next year yet?!

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Shrinkle is wearing Sugarpill Birthday Girl eyeshadow, and for her brows, Mochi!

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Sugarpill team was up all night preparing for the launch of Sparkle Baby! βœ¨πŸ‘Έβœ¨ Who’s excited?! Coming Wednesday October 1 at 😱😱😱 Exact time to be announced soon, but it’s a permanent collection so rest easy if you’re an international fan. Exciteddddd!! Photo by Queen Of Blending. She’s a hardworking lady!

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Super sexy eyes by Makeupbyanna using Sugarpill Goldilux eyeshadow and House of Lashes Pixie Luxe eyelashes!

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Ice princess! Missjazminad is wearing Sugarpill Tiara metallic silver loose eyeshadow over Kat Von D Jeffree lipstick.

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Splendid rainbow eyes by Nijigasumi using Sugarpill Hi-Viz neon pigment and Urban Decay Electric palette!

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