Oh how we love Iska_Ithil! She’s looking beautifully alien-like in #Sugarpill Tako and Love+ eyeshadows. Everything about her is so magical!


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Amazing! Hanna Majava used Sugarpill Tako matte white eyeshadow to complete this artistic look. http://instagram.com/p/ntioWDxRFi/

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Aichrista looks so precious in Sugarpill Mochi and Tako eyeshadows, perfectly blended together. She’s just way too cute!


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Shrinkle is wearing all Sugarpill and Inglot eyeshadows!  Lashes: Sugarpill Dewdrop, Baby Dewdrop and Sinnocent (top) and Imperial (bottom); Brows: Goldilux applied with OCC mixing medium; Lips: Melt Cosmetics Shady Lady with Violet Voss Skye glitter on top.


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Thank you sooo much to everyone who came out and said hello to us at IMATS London over the weekend. It was surreal getting to meet so many of you that I normally only see on IG! This was by far my favorite IMATS yet. I am so overwhelmed by the warm welcome and love we received from all the amazing people here - everyone has been so incredibly sweet, sincere and down-to-earth. Thank you for all the kind words, hugs, and beautiful, heartfelt cards and letters; I’m going to try to reply to all of them when I return home. I wish I could fit all of you in this collage (and my suitcase)! You guys were all super amazing and I am grateful to have met each and every one of you. Seriously!! I want to cry just thinking about how perfect this trip has been thanks to all of you. Thank you for making my life so magical! ✨ Love, Shrinkle 💘  http://instagram.com/p/p3U9-LFIUv/

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The gorgeous Pipsqueeak looking oh so cute in Sugarpill Acidberry, Buttercupcake and Tako eyeshadows!


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New crush: beautiful Korean alien girl Naye0na!! Check out her amazing futuristic geisha inspired look using Sugarpill Love+, Bulletproof and Tako eyeshadows. Love her! http://instagram.com/p/nqXIa5xRDv/

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Most beautifullest queen of all Queen Of Blending wearing Sugarpill Poison Plum eyeshadow on her brows, Fortress and Dewdrop false eyelashes stacked (sooo good!) and Violet Voss Glenda glitter. Lips: OCC Hoochie lip tar!


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Sexy smokey eyes by C_flower using Sugarpill Bulletproof matte black eyeshadow, the blackest black there is!


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Lookamillion looks incredible as always in her Egyptian Queen inspired look featuring Sugarpill Cold Chemistry palette and Bulletproof eyeshadow!  


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