Rachel is so cute! She snapped this photo with Sugarpill founder Shrinkle at the Makeup Show LA last weekend. Yay, we love meeting you guys!


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Laganja Estranja ‘s car: Where Sugarpill eyelashes go to die! http://instagram.com/p/lLvxwdQ1H9/

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Flawless look by Elymarino using Sugarpill Poison Plum eyeshadow and Motives Cosmetics glitter. What a perfect match with that Dose of Colors Toxic lip gloss! http://instagram.com/p/ka9QhnRRCV/

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One of our favorite looks by Vegas_nay! A dark smokey eye made extra cute and festive with glitter dots! She used Sugarpill Bulletproof matte black eyeshadow with Coloured Raine glitter and House of Lashes eyelashes. http://instagram.com/p/kZIWq-xRNg/

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Magnificent! Luciferismydad created this amazing Valenwood look using Sugarpill Subterranean eyeshadow with Lit Cosmetics Magic Dragon glitter. Love the strong brow, cat eye shape and bright green lenses! 


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This would be so cute for Valentines Day! Ladydanger1 is wearing Sugarpill Dollipop and Bulletproof eyeshadows with Violet Voss glitter topped off with baby pink crystals. So beautiful!  http://instagram.com/p/kYDFzgRRAo/

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So this is pretty much the cutest picture ever. Alaska Thunderfuck loooves his Sugarpill goodies! And we love Alaska!  


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Shrinkle is wearing Sugarpill Goldilux, Poison Plum, Dollipop, Afterparty, and Velocity eyeshadows with #Inglot gel liners on the eyebrows and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Trollop lip tar! Lashes: 4 different styles stacked (obsessed with stacking!) http://instagram.com/p/kFvD5hlIQY/

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Shayla created elegant smokey eyes using Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow and Dose of Colors eyelashes! http://instagram.com/p/k5W-X9L_2w/

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Amazing Captain Howdy-inspired eyes by Castlefreak using Sugarpill Love+, Tako, Soot & Stars and Tiara. Love the studs! http://instagram.com/p/kXw7DExRFF/

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