From Beautylish ‘s holiday Lookbook: Try Sugarpill Magpie eyeshadow with a layer of Lit Cosmetics Seeing Stars glitter on top for a dazzling smoky eye!

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We love Beautylish!


Behind the Brand: Sugarpill Cosmetics founder Amy Doan talks to Beautylish about her cult-adored, cat-loving makeup line and the gorgeous new launches to come! 

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Behind the scenes! We had so much fun shooting for Beautylish on Sunday. Can’t wait to see the final pics!

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Sugarpill sighting at Beautylish ’s new L.A. headquarters over the weekend. Yay!

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Jasmine used Love+ and Bulletproof to create this sexy, spooky Dark Shadows-inspired look!


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Way adoooorrrrrrable!! Check out these wicked cute Sugarpill wallpapers Beautylish made for your iPhone, iPad, whatevs. Download them here:

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We were so honored to be a part of The Beauty Social by Beautylish. Thanks, Beautylish!

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Sugarpill girls at Beautylish’s IMATS afterparty!

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Sweet! Jazziebabycakes of Beautylish shows us how to achieve the rainbow eyeliner look using all Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows:

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