Stunning Ezmbeauty used Sugarpill Lumi eyeshadow to add an iridescent glow to this exotic look!

♥ 52 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup lumi → 4 days ago

Stunning look by adorable Pipsqueeak using Sugarpill Buttercupcake and Lumi eyeshadows! Lumi is such a fun color to layer over other shades to create unique color-shifting shades!

♥ 74 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup buttercupcake lumi → 1 week ago

Queen Of Blending is a sparkly little spring flower in Sugarpill Lumi and Bulletproof eyeshadows, Stila turquoise smudge stick, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pleasure Model lip tar!

♥ 32 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup queen of blending lumi bulletproof stila obsessive compulsive cosmetics pleasure model lip tar → 1 week ago

Gorgeous look by Muastephnicole! She used Sugarpill Lumi iridescent eyeshadow to create a turquoise sheen over her dark eyeshadow. Lumi is a super versatile eyeshadow that color-shifts depending on what you pair it with!

♥ 68 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup lumi → 1 week ago

We are completely blown away by this incredible tentacle look by Stjima using Sugarpill Secret false eyelashes with Sugarpill Lumi, Birthday girl, Hysteric, Absinthe, Poison Plum, Mochi, and Acidberry eyeshadows. Best use of our Secret eyelashes we’ve seen yet - the contrasting colors are just so striking!

♥ 117 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup lumi birthday girl hysteric absinthe poison plum mochi afterparty secret → 1 week ago

Gorgeous “Teal Smoke” look by Dixiewolff featuring Sugarpill Darling and Lumi eyeshadows!

♥ 27 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup darling lumi → 1 week ago

Ahitsrosa is a total stunner in Sugarpill 2am, Burning Heart palette, Dollipop, Tako and Lumi eyeshadows with Precious false eyelashes!

♥ 89 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup 2am burning heart burning heart palette dollipop tako lumi precious → 1 week ago

One of our all-time favorite looks from Aichrista! She’s wearing Sugarpill Mochi, Midori, 2AM, Buttercupcake, Dollipop, Lumi and Bulletproof eyeshadows. Lumi looks like fairy wings on her eyelids!

♥ 38 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup mochi midori 2am buttercupcake dollipop lumi bulletproof → 1 week ago

Stunning eyes by Makeupbyanna! She used Sugarpill Lumi, Hellatronic, and Magentric eyeshadows with Violet Voss Rayne glitter.

♥ 36 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup lumi hellatronic magentric violet voss → 2 weeks ago

Breathtaking winged eyes by LOOKAMILLION featuring Sugarpill Bulletproof and Lumi eyeshadows and Illamasqua Fatale palette!

♥ 31 sugarpill sugarpill cosmetics makeup bulletproof lumi illamasqua lookamillion → 2 weeks ago